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Inflatable columns - advertising columns as well as light columns from Skanbo

A classic in the field of Inflatables - THE inflatable advertising pillars.

Inflatable advertising columns perfectly transport the brand at any kind of event and skillfully create a professional appearance visually.

mit Strom am Dauergebläse pneutmatisch + formstabil ohne permanente Stromzufuhr
Product Features:
  • changeable/zippable middle part, with which you can quickly change the design
  • small transport bag with stable base plate and adjustable feet
Technical data:
  • Weight: 5 – 25 kg
  • Diameter: 0.6 – 3 m
  • Height: 2.8 – 10 m
  • Printing: 4C sublimation printing
  • Interior lighting: optional
  • Set up time: 20 sec – 1 min

Inflatable light columns as decorative elements

Inflatable light columns are fascinating and versatile decoration elements that can be used at various events, such as trade fairs, corporate parties, weddings or birthday parties.

The advertising columns are made of sturdy, yet lightweight material that allows them to be easily inflated and transported.

Optional and a great advantage of the inflatable light columns is their versatile lighting. Inside the inflatable columns are LED lights that can glow in different colors. This allows the columns to be customized to match the mood or color scheme of the event. Whether it’s warm white, cool blue or bright red, the lighting can be customized to create a unique and appealing atmosphere.

In addition, inflatable advertising columns are extremely flexible to use. They can be placed along corridors or entrances to show guests the way or mark a specific zone. They are also great as eye-catchers on stages or as backgrounds for photo shoots. Thanks to their lightweight structure, they can be easily moved and placed in different locations.

Although inflatable light columns are often used in the event sector, they are also increasingly used in other areas such as retail stores, restaurants or hotels. They add a special touch to any room and make it stand out from the crowd.