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Inflatable counters - trade fair counters and furniture

Inflatable counters - the practical portable table or desk

The hobbyhorse and one of the most popular products is the inflatable counter – easy to transport and set up in no time, the counter is ingenious for promotion, presentation and sales purposes.

pneutmatisch + formstabil ohne permanente Stromzufuhr
Product Features:
  • light in transport
  • small pack size
  • various shapes and sizes (from round, oval to oblong)
Technical data:
  • Load capacity: up to 50 kg
  • Size: 8 different models
    (Communication Desk 80, Cube Desk, SkanDesk 80, 120, 170, 120 Change, Design Desk 120, E-Desk)
  • Printing: 4C sublimation printing
  • Interior lighting: optional
  • Set up time: 2 – 5 min
  • Manpower: 1 person

Inflatable counters and their advantages

Inflatable counters offer numerous advantages, the most obvious being their transportability. They are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and set up. Another advantage of inflatable counters is their adaptability. They are available in different sizes, shapes and branding to match the CI, making them easy to adapt to specific requirements and available space. The sturdy construction ensures that the inflatable trade show furniture remains stable, even when loaded with items.

The inflation technology of inflatable counters is pneumatic – once inflated, they hold air, so no constant monitoring or refilling is required. If necessary, the air can also be quickly released to empty the counter and store it in a space-saving manner.

In summary, inflatable counters are a versatile, practical and attractive solution to present yourself in a modern way, especially for exhibition stands.

Our inflatable counters and exhibition furniture are versatile not only at trade shows, but also at various other events. Whether it’s corporate events, product presentations or promotions, our products offer you a flexible solution to effectively communicate your message and engage your target audience.

Invest in our inflatable counters and trade show furniture to make your booth eye-catching and take your presentation to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our products and custom design options. We look forward to helping you make your next trade show appearance memorable!