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Inflatable podiums for award ceremonies

Feeling like a "winner

Victory podiums or also called victory stairs or occasionally podium are three-tiered podiums, which we have revolutionized in its manufacturing method – easy and practical to use in a handy bag at award ceremonies on the mountain or on the tennis court.

pneutmatisch + formstabil ohne permanente Stromzufuhr
Product Features:
  • easy transport
  • Low storage space
  • High load capacity
Technical data:
  • Dimensions: as desired
  • Printing: 4C sublimation printing

Inflatable victory podiums, electricity-free and without continuous blower

Skanbo inflatable winning platforms are with pneumatic technology! The winning pedestals are inflated once by means of a small blower, closed and keep their shape thanks to a pneumatic inner core.


Whether for award ceremonies at sporting events or other honors the inflatable winners podiums are, practical transportable in a handy bag. Due to the small pack size, this is easy and convenient to bring anywhere – whether on the mountain or

in rough terrain at outdoor sporting events the Skanbo podium is super “to take along”. And of course, these are branded in 4C sublimation printing. The branding is also practically changeable according to customer requirements.


Whether at sporting events, corporate parties or other occasions, inflatable winners’ podiums duly showcase the winners and contribute to the festive atmosphere.

Convince yourself of the quality of our inflatable victory podiums and make your event an unforgettable experience. Contact us today for more information or to place an order. Our friendly and experienced staff is available to help you select the perfect inflatable victory podium for your needs.