Event trailer. Casual. Compact. Flexible.

LOADY. Eventtrailer is unique as a marketing tool and impact-strong on site. Make your appearance tangible and absolutely customer-oriented with an event trailer.

COMPACT. Eventtrailer is a compact car trailer that can be towed with a car driver’s license and can be placed and used in no time.

FLEXIBLE. Eventtrailer is as flexible as you are. It takes your mobile stage from one trade show, event or show to another without much hassle.

…AND OFFERS MANY MORE ADVANTAGES: All event trailers are weatherproof, lockable and have easy-to-use technology and are branded according to the CI.

…AND WHAT WE CAN AND PROMISE OUR CUSTOMERS: the highest quality and uniqueness in manufacturing. Our employees build individually manufactured event trailers with a lot of know-how and years of experience.

Perfect marketing tool
for more customer proximity on site

perfectly protected from wind and weather by the open flaps

theft-proof for equipment and stored items in the interior

Advertising medium “On the road
simply move from A to B by means of a car driver’s license

Individual production of each event trailer
therefore special requests possible

Cost saving
due to low manpower

Easy to use technology
for uncomplicated use

High mobility
due to short assembly and disassembly times

CI-compliant design
through individual branding

Large in appearance
Small in transport

through individual financing options

Low dead weight
therefore no truck driving license necessary

Model 180

The model range of Eventtrailer starts with the small, compact “180” trailer. Branded and fully equipped, this space-saving convinces in promotions. The basic technical equipment brings professionalism in the appearance and at the same time guarantees 100% flexibility with regard to the place of use, as it can be easily and quickly transported.

Model 360

In the “mobile stage” segment, the “360” is the basic model. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, this model promises a high-impact appearance and is perfect as the centerpiece of a promotional stand, where other advertising systems or inflatable event furniture provide the appropriate setting. If desired, this can be extended with a rear platform.

Model 420

To present itself, the model “420” is already a “big”. Perfect for outdoor events, this event trailer provides a comfortable walk-on stage. In the interior, you can also create a monitor and interior design with counters and seating elements that create the right ambience.

Model 520

The most popular and best-selling model of the event trailer series is the “520” with over 5 x 3.5m size in the stage area. Whether as a showroom, exhibition stand or small stage, this convinces with its spaciousness. Freely according to the motto “flap up”, it can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, just like all models.

Everything is in there! The event trailer contains the complete stage technology: lighting system, sound system, microphone system, wall cabinet and power distributor. Even refrigerator and coffee maker. And last but not least: Your branding, which always makes the trailer an eye-catcher, both on the street and at the event.
Depending on the model, the standards may differ in the design.


Model 180 Model 360 Model 420 Model 520
Stage area L/W in cm approx. 310×170 approx. 420×350 approx. 520×350
Exhibition area L/W/H in cm approx. 300x195x220 approx. 540x300x300 approx. 811x442x310 approx. 811x442x310
Dead weight approx. 500kg approx. 1400kg approx. 1700kg approx. 1800kg
Maximum permissible total weight 750kg 2000kg 2600kg 2600kg
Bottom From Aluminum Checker Plate check-box check-box check-box
Retractable stairs check-box check-box check-box
Retractable stage check-box check-box
Refrigerator installed check-box check-box check-box check-box
Furniture shoring check-box check-box check-box check-box
Basic lighting check-box check-box check-box check-box
Sound system check-box check-box check-box check-box
Microphone system check-box check-box check-box check-box
Light system check-box check-box check-box check-box
Coffee maker check-box check-box check-box check-box
Interior branding check-box check-box check-box check-box
Outdoor branding check-box check-box check-box check-box
Power distributor check-box check-box check-box

Whether buying, renting or leasing – we will make you the right offer!