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Advertising systems

Advertising systems like LED UP from Skanbo include latest and old-proven technologies

LED Mobile Displays with high-quality OSRAM LED technology provide uniform lighting and decoratively put your design in the spotlight. The system consists of individual modules and is assembled in no time and is available in different sizes from 1 x 2 m to 5 x 3 m.

Mobile inflatable exhibition tools such as back walls and counters.

Compact and high quality roller banner super fast set up.
Technical details: 85 x 220 cm, 100 x 220 cm, 120 x 220 cm

The innovative advertising system is the LED Up, which is based on the use of LED technology. LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” and refers to a type of electronic light source known for its brightness, energy efficiency and durability. These features make LEDs an ideal choice for promotional purposes.

The LED Up advertising system uses these advantages to present eye-catching and appealing advertising messages.

A main feature of LED Up is its high brightness. LEDs can produce intense and uniform illumination that is easily visible even in bright daylight. This improves the visibility and legibility of advertising messages, resulting in effective communication with potential customers.

Poster frame systems as a practical way to present and protect posters

Product Features:
  • dimensionally stable
  • Magnet quick change system
Technical data:

(depending on the item)

  • Special colors according to RAL
  • Formats from A2 to A0, B2 to B0

These systems consist of frames and holders specially designed for displaying posters. They offer numerous advantages and allow companies to optimally present their advertising both indoors and outdoors.

A key feature of poster frame systems is their simplicity and ease of use. They consist of a frame, which is usually made of aluminum or plastic and has a folding technology or magnetic closures. This makes it quick and easy to change posters, so companies can regularly update their advertising to draw attention to new offers, promotions or events.

Beach flags and banners the classics in the field of advertising media

Product Features:
  • Highest stability
  • Individual forms
  • unique with cross boom
  • Low weight

Beach flags and banners are effective advertising tools as they increase the visibility and reach of a brand. They are inexpensive and offer a large area for the presentation of advertising messages. They also allow companies to flexibly adapt and update their advertising to respond to current events or promotions.

Standing table "Highdesk" as centers

Standing tables, whether simply at events or fixed on site at stores or gastro – standing tables skillfully create centers.

Technical data:
  • Table top: DM 80 cm
  • Column: DM 28 cm
  • Foot ring: DM 55 cm
  • Device parasol: 28 / 30 / 35 mm
  • Height middle part: 80 cm
  • Total height bar table: 105 cm
  • Can be disassembled into three parts

Rely on our advertising systems and LED UP advertising systems to present your message with style and effectiveness. Contact us today to learn more about our product range and customized solutions. Together we create an impressive advertising experience for your company.