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Inflatable cuboid / tower / cube perfect for events

Square inflatable elements as real eye-catchers

Perfect for taking center stage at events, inflatable towers or cuboids present promotional messages. Effective and set up in a few simple steps.

mit Strom am Dauergebläse pneutmatisch + formstabil ohne permanente Stromzufuhr
Product Features:
  • attracts attention
Technical data:
  • Weight: 5 – 50 kg
  • Footprint: variable
  • Height: max. 15 m
  • Printing: 4C sublimation printing
  • Set up time: 1 – 10 min
  • Interior lighting: optional
  • Manpower: 1 – 2 people

Inflatable cubes, towers or cuboids offer eye-catching presentation surfaces for your advertising message

Inflatable cuboids, towers and cubes are practical and decorative elements for various occasions. In addition to simple assembly and disassembly, the versatile use of inflatable elements for different types of events is a particular advantage. However, the square elements perfectly present brands or advertising messages, especially at larger outdoor events, and offer an original way to design spaces and areas.

They can have different sizes, colors and designs, depending on the desired effect. Inflatable cuboids, towers and cubes can be used as advertising media, event decoration or art objects. They can also be equipped with lights, speakers or other effects to increase attention.

Inflatable cuboids, towers or cubes guarantee attention due to their optionally selected volume and the almost everywhere possible use, whether on roofs, trailers or on the ground.