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Inflatable seating furniture - sofas as well as lounge furniture for events

Simple, cool and uncomplicated seating

Whether inflatable sofa, pillow or lounge furniture, such as lounge chair or communication set with seat cushions – the inflatable seating furniture is perfect for “chill areas” at promotions or events.

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Product Features:
  • flexible
Technical data:
  • Printing: 4C sublimation printing

Inflatable seating furniture in different shapes and sizes

Inflatable seating and sofas are a modern and practical solution for mobile and flexible seating. They offer numerous advantages over traditional furniture and are a popular choice due to high comfort, portability and versatility. The biggest advantage of inflatable seating and sofas is their portability. Inflatable seating furniture and sofas also provide high seating comfort. They are extremely versatile and provide a flexible solution for additional seating at parties or events.

Inflatable seating and sofas are available in various sizes and shapes, from single stools to spacious sofas for several people. In the assortment you can also find cool pillows, which can be used as storage as well as seating at events. Communication points are also popular, which can be implemented in the form of a “communication lounge” with seating elements and table in the corresponding CI branding.

Explore our selection of inflatable seating today and bring comfort and style to your event. Whether used as the main piece of furniture or as additional seating, our inflatable sofas will not disappoint. Invest in quality and flexibility – invest in inflatable seating from Skanbo.