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Inflatable special shapes like objects and product replicas

The supreme discipline in the field of inflatables are 1 to 1 replicas

The most exciting product in the inflatable sector “ever” are definitely the product, logo or mascot replicas. Figures and key visuals that are blown up to match the original 1 to 1 are irreplaceable “analog” advertising media.

mit Strom am Dauergebläse
Product Features:
  • innovative and unique
Technical data:
  • Size, weight: Individual
  • Printing: 4C sublimation printing

Inflatable objects are versatile and eye-catching promotional products.

Special shapes are inflatable objects designed specifically for certain brands, products or events. They can be made in almost any desired shape to convey the desired message. For example, inflatable special shapes can be in the form of a product, logo, character or symbol. They are often used as eye-catchers to attract attention and create a strong visual presence.

Inflatable mascots are also popular objects often used by companies or sports teams. They represent the brand or team and are designed as inflatable versions of the characters or symbols. Inflatable mascots are usually life-size and can be used in various situations, be it sporting events, trade shows, promotions or other events. They provide an interactive and fun way to interact with customers or fans and create an emotional connection.

One advantage of inflatable promotional products is their high visibility. Their size, bright colors and individual design attract attention.

Our experienced team is at your side from conception to implementation, ensuring that your custom inflatables perfectly match your vision. We attach great importance to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, and our products are subjected to strict quality control to ensure long service life and outstanding performance.

Make your event unforgettable and let your brand be in the spotlight with our custom inflatables. Contact us today for more information and to order your custom inflatable special shapes.