Full service – we combine manpower with digital product management.
We cover the management of event products 360° from storage, servicing to the scheduled time of use.


Event products are professionally scheduled, made ready for pickup and/or shipment – we inspect each item before and after each use, as well as before storage. Cleaning, drying and servicing.



Flexible, on time and accurate – we set up and take down your things for events and support you on site. PLUS we check your promotional products after each use and clean and repair them before storage!

  • Planning and coordination
  • Stock sorting
  • Quality control (visual and functional inspection)
  • Accessories assembly
  • Loading the cargo
  • Transportation to the event location
  • Construction on site
  • Set support
  • Dismantling/return preparation
  • Return transport
  • Cleaning
  • Drying/quality control
  • Storage – all products automatically have insurance coverage

Digital Event and Product Management 360

State-of-the-art we use
, a sophisticated software that is the perfect and uncomplicated interface between you and us. You book and manage and have a real-time overview of your products. We organize and take care of the process.

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